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Master of Divinity (MDiv)

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) program provides both the theoretical and practical tools necessary
to prepare for the rewarding and challenging vocation of service. In preparation for parish, institutional and administrative ministries, students take courses in relevant disciplines – theology, biblical studies, counselling, ethics, church history, liturgics and administration – and interdisciplinary areas.

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Our multifaith and inclusive practice creates a diverse and vibrant community. Students from all backgrounds and faiths are welcome to apply.

Program Courses and Requirements 

Students in the Master of Divinity program must complete the courses below and indicate, in their first term of study, whether they are participating in the Contextual or Coursework option.

  • TH502A – Critical Analysis of Biblical Texts: Introduction *
  • TH502B – Critical Analysis of Biblical Texts: Advanced *
  • TH503A – Survey of the Hebrew Scriptures
  • TH503C – Survey of New Testament
  • TH503G – Jewish and Christian Bible Themes *
  • TH530A – Introduction to God and Theological Reflection
  • TH530B – Introduction to Jesus and Salvation
  • TH530C – Introduction to the Spirit and Community
  • TH560A – Introduction to Worship*
  • TH560C – Introduction to Proclamation and Preaching *
  • TH560E – Spiritual Formation and Nurturing Faith A *
  • TH560F – Spiritual Formation and Nurturing Faith B *
  • TH621E – Issues in Church History: Study of the Lutheran Confessions *
  • TH644A – Indigenous Wisdom and Methodology
  • TH645A – Intersectionality: Interfaith and Intercultural Perspectives
  • TH652A – Supervised Pastoral Education I: Theory and Practice of Spiritual Care (1.0 credit) 
  • TH663A – Grief
  • TH664H – Professional Studies and Ethics

Contextual option

  • TH681 – Internship (1.0 credit) 
  • TH665I – Entry into the Parish
  • Two open electives

Non-contextual option

  • Five open electives

Total: 24 half courses (12 credits) are required. *Runs every other year 

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Start: September 2024

Delivery: Full-time or part-time (in-person)

Length: 2-3 years, depending on option, and student status (full-
time or part-time studies)

Degree Earned: Masters of Arts

Minimum Grade: B average

Experiential Learning: Congregational placements and community placements 


Future careers:

  • ordained minister/pastor
  • chaplain/spiritual care provider
  • religious educator
  • social service worker
  • registered social worker (MDiv-MSW graduates)



Full-time: $2,714 per semester
Part-time: $666 per class


Full-time: $9,040 per semester
Part-time: $1,800 per class

Incidental fees are not included above.

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