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Spiritualities and Community Engagement (MA)

The Master of Arts (MA) in Theology is designed for students interested in a faith-based, graduate-level approach to academic studies in theology, professional work integrating theology and community involvement or spiritual care and psychotherapy.

Our multifaith and inclusive practice creates a diverse and vibrant community. Students from all backgrounds and faiths are welcome to apply.

  • Flexible and wide-ranging course of study that includes sacred texts, systematic and historical theology, ethics and practical community relations
  • Develop community leadership skills through higher education and applied practice
  • Study diverse spiritualities and engage in community service-related initiatives

Graduates of this field of study may be able to pursue further academic work or a career or vocation in community sectors influenced by theological/spiritual/religious visions. 

Some of the required courses for this program are offered in the evening and during the spring term, making it an excellent choice for commuting, full-time or part-time students. 

Program Courses

Students take 11 required courses and 5 theology electives.

TH530E: Foundations of Spiritualities
TH560G: Foundations of Ethical Community Engagement
TH645A: Intersectionality: Interfaith and Intercultural Perspectives
TH644A Indigenous Wisdoms and Methodology
TH503A: Survey of the Hebrew Scriptures

1 of the Following Christian Faith Traditions Courses
TH502A: Critical Analysis of Biblical Texts: Introduction
TH503C: Survey of the New Testament
TH530A: God and Theological Tradition
TH530B Jesus and Salvation

1 of the Following Islamic Traditions Courses
TH503E: Reading and Interpreting the Qur'an (in translation)
TH664B: Islamic Spirituality (Sufism) and Psychotherapy

1 of the Following Asian Traditions Courses
TH503F: Asian Wisdom Traditions
TH503H: Buddhist Discourses on Care

2 of the following Courses that Engage Critical Approaches and Experiential Learning
TH560E: Spiritual Formation and Nurturing Faith
TH530C: Introduction to the Spirit and Community
TH648D: Sing Fires of Justice
TH645B: Women, LGBTQ2SIA+, Justice and Spirituality
TH643D: Questioning Ability
TH641K: Earth-Based Spirituality

Any graduate course on religious/theological/spiritual experiences selected in consultation with the program director

TH697 - Integrative Project

Students can petition to do TH698* - Major Research Project in Theology or TH699 - Thesis in Theology instead of TH697 - Integrative Project. In such cases, students taking TH698* - Major Research Project in Theology will need 4 electives and students taking TH699 - Thesis in Theology will need 2 electives.

5 electives selected in consultation with the student advisor

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Start: September 2024

Delivery: Full-time or part-time (in-person)

Length: 2 years (full-time)

Degree Earned: Masters of Arts

Minimum Grade: B average

Experiential Learning:
Community-service engagement and learning opportunities


Future careers:

  • Community project developer/manager/facilitator
  • Inter/multifaith coordinator
  • Social service worker
  • Community leader
  • Academic researcher/writer
  • Cultural interpreter/critic



Full-time: $2,714 per semester
Part-time: $666 per class


Full-time: $9,040 per semester
Part-time: $1,800 per class

Incidental fees are not included above.

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