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Minors at Luther

Our multifaith and inclusive practice creates a diverse and vibrant community. Students from all backgrounds and faiths are welcome to apply.

Students enrolled in any Bachelor of Arts programs at Laurier are welcome to take one of the following minors. For more information, contact

Christianity, Interfaith Dialogue and Community Engagement Minor

The Minor in Christianity, Interfaith Dialogue, and Community Engagement provides a space for students to explore the practice of faith and spirituality in today’s pluralistic world. Courses in this minor enable students to ask pressing questions of orientation and meaning openly, reflecting critically on the role of faith in contemporary society. They will also have opportunities to engage in service and experiential learning in diverse community settings. This additional area of specialty is the ideal addition to the academic life of students wishing to better understand their lives of meaning and service.

Human Relationships Minor

The Minor in Human Relationships is designed for undergraduate students who are contemplating professional careers or graduate work in the areas of mental health, community work and social services, developmental services, spiritual care, public service, counselling and/or ministry. Courses in the areas of music and global song, spiritual care and counselling, Indigenous ways of knowing and healing, the restorative contemplative arts, and Citizenship, Faith, and Leadership are available.

The Minor requires you to take 3.0 credits:

Judaism Minor

This minor provides you with a supplemental course of study focusing on historical, philosophical, secular, and religious development of Jewish thought and traditions. It attracts students from diverse faculties who engage critically in the study of history, philosophy, education, global citizenship, and social sciences. The minor's core courses encourage firsthand interaction with the original works of Jewish tradition and thought, as well as with analysis of philosophical and historical environments whereby their significance is established and/or further developed.

Spirituality and Global Music Minor

In the Minor in Spirituality and Global Music students learn through musical encounter, dialogue, and reflection. Courses have experiential components which allow students to develop musical leadership skills along with a critical thinking praxis that engages difference, explores spirituality, pursues social justice, and understands ambiguity. This additional area of specialty will encourage students in any field of study to pursue the role of music in living lives of meaning and service.

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