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Our Students

Approximately 195 students are enrolled in Martin Luther University College (formerly Waterloo Lutheran Seminary) programs at any one time. Another 300 students, who are registered at Wilfrid Laurier University, take Luther courses as electives. Approximately 20 Luther students (of the 170) are undergraduates. The rest study in master's or PhD programs.

Luther students come from roughly 31 different faith traditions or from no faith tradition at all. The vast majority come from various Christian backgrounds, but we also have counted students who are Muslim (an imam enrolled in our PhD program), Jewish, Buddhist, Unitarian, Pagan and others as part of our community. All are welcome to apply.

Our Faculty and Staff

Our faculty is composed of a dozen full-time faculty members who have earned doctoral degrees. Because we offer a lot of courses, many of them are taught by adjunct faculty who are specialists in their fields.

The work of the school is supported by seven full-time staff members.

How Are We Lutheran?

Martin Luther University College is a Lutheran host to a multifaith community. That means that we, at our core, strive to express our Christian values in a Lutheran setting.

A longstanding principle of the Reformation has been that the church must continue to reform itself. True to that ethic, we continue reforming to fulfil the educational and pastoral needs of our multifaith community in the context of our contemporary culture.

Visual Identity

The Ringing Rose icon is the heart of Martin Luther University College’s visual identity. The design, created by Janet Day of the creative firm Studio Locale, combines elements of our school’s bell tower and the five-petal Luther Rose. Rendered in vibrant colours, the symbol honours our Lutheran traditions and rings hope as our school, students and alumni continue to make positive contributions in God’s world. Daniel Quasar designed the Progress Pride flag appearing on our footer.

FAQ for incoming students

If you've received an offer to study in one of Luther's programs, or have already accepted an offer and have a million questions about what you need to do next to get plugged into Luther, check out our FAQ page.