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Accreditation and Affiliations


Programs at Martin Luther University College (formerly Waterloo Lutheran Seminary) are reviewed and accredited by various bodies:

  • The Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance (through Laurier).
  • The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS) is an organization of more than 270 graduate schools that deliver professional and academic degree programs to educate persons for the practice of ministry, and for teaching and research in the theological disciplines. Two of Luther's programs — Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Theology — are approved by ATS's Commission on Accrediting.

Educational effectiveness is also measured by a variety of quality care standards through Laurier's Centre for Teaching Innovation and Excellence (CTIE). Recent reviews of our programs are available on Laurier's Cyclical Program Review page. For more information, view our Statement of Educational Effectiveness web page.

Federated with Laurier

From time to time you will hear or read that Martin Luther University College is federated with Wilfrid Laurier University. That means each school governs its own business and budget, but in a close relationship with each other.

  • Luther students take courses at Laurier and vice versa.
  • Luther students, faculty and staff have access to Laurier's online registration system and, in most cases, adhere to Laurier policies.
  • Laurier administers the parking lots on the Luther campus (adjacent to the Luther building) and collects revenue from parking fees.
  • Although Luther has the legal right from the Province of Ontario to award theology degrees, we have suspended that practice while we're federated with Laurier. In short, our graduates receive degrees from Wilfrid Laurier University.

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