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Centre for Public Ethics

The Centre for Public Ethics at Martin Luther University College (formerly Waterloo Lutheran Seminary) promotes dialogue, research and education on the choices we make together in support of the public good.

While ethics is about the life choices we make, public ethics is about the life choices we make to serve the common good — whether to serve our neighbours across the street or around the world.

Our Mission

In short, the centre’s mission is to help us reclaim the art of political service — of bringing our deepest values and highest convictions to the practice of politics. To fulfil its mission, the centre organizes and participates in events that promote dialogue, research and education on ethical public service.

The mandate of the centre, which began in 1986 as the Institute for Christian Ethics, has evolved to explore secular as well as faith-based ethics.

Key Members


Municipal Election 

Faith and the 2018 Municipal Election (animated video)

Municipal Elections (Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website)

Contact Us:

David Pfrimmer, Fellow