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Centre for Earth Consciousness and Gender Justice

The Centre for Earth Consciousness and Gender Justice envisions an ethos and faith/spiritual praxis that will inspire Luther and the larger community to work for justice for all earthlings where the relationship is defined by interconnectedness — a relational and embodied understanding of the human community vis-à-vis the Earth.  

The goal of the centre, founded by Mary (Joy) Philip, Luther’s assistant principal and associate professor, is planetary well-being and justice that works towards the common good, not just for the present but for all future living beings on the planet.   

A prerequisite for that is to listen to the voice of the Earth, which in turn calls for Earth consciousness.  

In his 2010 master's degree thesis, John Darrell DesRoches writes, “Earth consciousness fosters an understanding that humanity is part of the earth, part of the universe, not a separate entity.”  

However, this can be brought about only through both local and global commitment. Towards that end we are called to gather knowledge and understand issues that affect the planet: Climate issues; economic inequities; political stances; religious beliefs; myriad discriminatory structures/systems; and the various ecosystems of governance just to name a few.  


Earth Charter Online Course: Leadership, Sustainability & Ethics; September 2022

Earth Charter Conference: Dec. 1-2, 2022; Putting Planetary Well-being at the Core: A call to Turn our Conscience into Action

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Article: Recruiting soil to tackle climate change; by Susan Antler; Recycling Product News; June 7, 2022

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Languages spoken: English, Malayalam