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Luther Incident Reporting and Support

Access the Laurier Addressing Student Behaviours in the Classroom page here.

Find resources to support faculty in addressing a spectrum of student behaviours, including:

  1. Immediate Threats
  2. Concerning Student Behaviours
  3. Disruptive Student Behaviours
  4. Harmful Student Behaviours
  5. Technology-Facilitated Harassment or Violence

Incident Reporting and Support Form

This confidential form is designed to provide faculty and staff members with a secure and supportive method to report any personal incidents they may have experienced involving students, staff or other faculty members. 

Your well-being and privacy are of utmost importance.

Examples of Personal Incidents: 

  1. Harassment: Unwanted and persistent behaviours, comments, or actions that create an uncomfortable or hostile environment.

  2. Discrimination: Any unfair treatment based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or other protected characteristics.

  3. Bullying: Repeated aggressive or demeaning behaviour intended to intimidate, belittle, or humiliate an individual.

  4. Threats: Verbal or written expressions of harm or danger towards an individual's physical, emotional, or professional well-being.

  5. Unprofessional Conduct: Inappropriate behaviour that violates the university's code of ethics and professional standards.

  6. Retaliation: Adverse actions taken against individuals for reporting incidents, voicing concerns, or participating in investigations.

  7. Misuse of Authority: Instances where someone in a position of power exploits their influence for personal gain or mistreats others.

  8. Privacy Violations: Breaches of confidential information or unwarranted sharing of personal details without consent.

NOTE: Your report will remain confidential and will only be sent to the principal dean. If you prefer, feel free to send an email to Dr Kristine Lund directly

Please provide as much detail as possible to help us address your concerns appropriately.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to maintaining a positive campus environment.


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