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Luther adds scholars in spirituality and disability, digital media 

Rev. Dr. Kristine Lund, interim principal-dean of Martin Luther University College, is pleased to announce the appointment of two additional associate professional faculty members. 

Sherry Coman and Laura MacGregor, accomplished scholars who have been teaching at Luther as adjunct faculty members, are taking on their new roles at the beginning of this fall 2020 term. 

“I am delighted to strengthen our professional relationship with Sherry and Laura,” says Lund. “Their commitment to research, teaching, learning and practise increases the number of specialties we can offer to our students, and positions the school well for the future.” 

Moving into associate professional faculty roles, Coman and MacGregor will be able to help shape Luther’s academic programming and represent the school throughout their professional networks and the broader community. 

Coman specializes in digital media and spirituality — an exciting area faith communities have been thrust into by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Since 2008, she has led the online portal Lutherans Connect, which is a virtual home for devotional projects with an ecumenical reach. Coman is also preparing to be ordained as a deacon in the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, with a focus on spirituality and internet outreach. 

“I’m looking forward to forming new partnerships for exploring how our faith life and spirituality, as individuals and communities, intersects with our engagement of digital and internet media,” Coman says. "How does our engagement with screens affect how we serve each other and the world?” 

This fall she is scheduled to teach GC341 Faith and Film. Feel free to view her Meet the Prof @LutherWaterloo video

MacGregor focuses on the field of spirituality, disability and care. A recent Luther alumna, MacGregor graduated in 2019 with a PhD in Human Relationships, 

“Ten years ago, I arrived at Luther as a student and discovered a supportive community that nurtures reflective, faithful, and, personally engaged academic scholarship,” says Laura. “I am excited to have this wonderful opportunity to continue exploring the intersection of faith, disability, and care in a community that encourages all of us to bring our experiences, faith, and deepest questions to academic study.” 

This fall, MacGregor is scheduled to teach GC380V Questioning Ability. View MacGregor’s Meet the Prof @LutherWaterloo video



Mirko Petricevic 

Director of Communications and Public Affairs  

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