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Shifting Paradigms: Martin Luther lecture series now online

A series of eight audio lectures exploring Martin Luther’s revolutionary and lasting impact on the world is now available online.

The series, Shifting Paradigms: Martin Luther’s Enduring Global Impact, was delivered by Martin Luther University College scholars during a Third Age Learning Kitchener Waterloo program in early 2020.

The impact of the Reformation ignited by Martin Luther spanned the globe and endures to this day. The effects of the 16th-century German Reformation range from uplifting to devastating — from Luther’s passionate fight for freedom of conscience and the promotion of education and literacy for all, to his anti-Semitic writing that fuelled the Holocaust during the Second World War.

The lectures were presented at RIM Park, in Waterloo, from Jan. 9 – Feb. 27, 2020.

The lectures available on the school’s YouTube channel are audio only, but presentation slides are available listeners wish to follow along.

The series program:

• Martin Luther: Setting the Stage; Rev. Dr. Mark Harris, Principal-Dean (2015-2020)
• Martin Luther’s Life and Career: A Scholar in Turbulent Times; Rev. Dr. Robert Kelly, Professor Emeritus
• Everything New is Old Again: Tradition and Innovation in Luther’s Theology and Religious Practice; Rev. Dr. Allen Jorgenson, Professor of Systematic Theology
• Luther’s Musical Dialectic: Singing Faithfully into Context; Debbie Lou Ludolph, Dean of Chapel
• When Doing the Right Thing Doesn’t Make You Right: Martin Luther’s (Very Public) Ethics; Rev. Dr. David Pfrimmer, Professor Emeritus
• Martin Luther and Care of the Soul; Rev. Dr. Kristine Lund, Principal-Dean (interim), Director, Spiritual Care & Psychotherapy
• Martin Luther and Anti-Semitism; Dr. Daniel Maoz, Jewish Scholar in Residence
• Martin Luther in Global Context; Dr. Mary Philip (aka Joy), Associate Professor

For media inquiries, contact:
Mirko Petricevic,
Director of Communications and Public Affairs
Martin Luther University College
519.884.0710 x2162

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