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Glebe Centre receives Field Dedication Award


Neta Deonarain-Gear, executive director of the Delton Glebe Counselling Centre, is pleased to announce that the centre is one of this year’s three recipients of a Field Dedication Award presented by the Field Education Office of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Faculty of Social Work.

“This is a testament to the commitment shown by our supervising therapists every day,” Deonarain-Gear said of the award, which was presented during a virtual ceremony on June 15, 2021.

“Helping prepare future psychotherapists and social workers to become clinical therapists is a core mission of the Glebe Centre,” she added. “It’s a privilege to meet students placed with us at such as crucial part of their careers serving the community.”

Daniel Rzondzinski the Martin Luther University College faculty member who supervises students during their practicum placements, was nominated for the MSW Field Office’s field instructor award.

Tracey Watson, of the Field Education Office, said the award is granted to a community partner who has positively contributed to social work; demonstrates a commitment to enhance the experiential learning of social work students; dedicates time and creates spaces for social work students to learn alongside them; and is dedicated to mentoring the next generation of social workers.

“The MSW Field team is grateful for all of our community partners who have continued to support our students during this pandemic,” Watson said.

“Our ongoing partnership with the Glebe Centre is extremely important to us as the agency provides rich, meaningful opportunities to our students. Their contribution to the growth of our profession is greatly appreciated.”

Up to 300 Laurier MSW students at any one time may be serving in placements at agencies across Canada. Due to disruption caused by the pandemic, awards were not granted in 2019-2020. This year, three dedication awards were granted: Along with the Glebe Centre, KW Counselling Services and Dr. Sasha Kondrashov were also honoured.

The Delton Glebe Counselling Centre is a community service provided by Martin Luther University College.

Since its founding in 2013, the centre has provided mental health services to students and the broader community. The centre also offers clinical placements for students in the Master of Social Work program at Laurier; the Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy program at Luther; and graduate-diploma programs at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute.

Each year the centre helps prepare about 12 psychotherapists; two master’s-level clinical social workers; and about six art therapists.


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Executive Director

Delton Glebe Counselling Centre

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