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Undergraduate student explores contemporary Christian leadership in capstone project

Capstone project: Contemporary Christian Leadership
Jackson Del Chiaro
BA Christian Studies and Global Citizenship, class of 2023

After much research, dedication and revisions, Jackson Del Chiaro stood in front of his peers and instructors to give a presentation that dove deep into the roots of his learning from the last four years. He unpacked contemporary views that affect Christian-spiritual leadership and its basic building blocks.

He examined his topic through lenses of historical Protestant views of leadership, epistemological subjectivity, the Socratic method, and theological reflection.

Understanding one's role in the institutions and structures of society matters. This is especially true for leaders in any capacity, because they have been granted a limited measure of authority and trust in their sphere of influence,” said Del Chiaro. “Whatever capacity they are in, leaders always bring a message to bear or a worldview, as well as a way of implementing this through a certain disposition.”

To Del Chairo, there’s significance in examining the forces that shape church leadership and how it can have a greater impact on the wider world.


Graduating class 2023: Maxwell Martin, Gemsan Thevasagayam, Romaissa Vendredi, Jackson Del Chiaro, Brenda Linares (left to right)

“Taking all things together, we have to think about what this looks like in the context of Christian churches, and more importantly, what should it look like,” explained Del Chiaro. Good leadership matters and this may present itself as an obvious fact, but there are layers and underpinnings to it that are far more complex than first meets the eye.”

In any capstone project, it’s never easy to break down tough questions into a instinct outcome, but with a passion to know more about his topic, Del Chiaro’s research led to a deeper understanding behind the underpinnings of Christian leadership in the contemporary world.

“A worldview which is never expressed is unhelpful, and a disposition which is not based in foundational presuppositions or truths is groundless,” explained Del Chairo. “Both must be held in balance, as well as a good many other things when it comes to leadership.”

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