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Chilling with Dogs


Weekly Dog Therapy

Every Wednesday at 12:30 to 1:30pm

(Fall and Winter)

Location: Keffer Chapel

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Chilling with Dogs is a beloved weekly event at Luther that provides students with a refreshing break from their busy schedules. This initiative offers you the opportunity to interact with our friendly and well-socialized dogs.

people playing with dogs

Beyond the joy of spending time with these furry friends, research supports the positive effects of such interactions, including reduced stress levels and heightened relaxation.

people playing with dogs

Whether you're seeking a study break or a chance to unwind, "Chilling with Dogs" offers a welcoming space to connect with fellow students, engage in heartwarming conversations, and enjoy the companionship of our lovable dogs. Join us and take a well-deserved pause to recharge – you and our furry friends alike!


Keirann Aitken



Keffer Chapel at Martin Luther University College