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Alumnus in Action: Dylan Lowartz (MA '21) Enhances Community Relations as an OPP Auxilliary Officer

Luther alumnus Dylan Lowartz (MA '21) is making a positive impact by serving his community through volunteer work for the Haldmaid County OPP.

As a graduate from the Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy (MA) program at Luther, Lowartz has applied the skills he gained from his academic career to his work as an auxilliary officer.

Lowartz has received valuable feedback from his OPP colleagues regarding his performance and helpful approaches. Although the position he occupies is not a therapeutic one, Lowartz has incorporated the knowledge he gained at Luther into his work.

“I have noticed how I have helped community members who have had negative interactions with the police in the past have more of a positive experience with me as I witness their defenses lower throughout the calls [I take],” said Lowartz.

Outside of his OPP duties, Lowartz also works in private practice and has recently achieved his 1150 DDC/supervision hours.

“In the past two months, I have attended domestic disputes involving children, directed traffic at Santa Claus parades and even returned a lost dog to their owner,” said Lowartz.

The teachings he experienced at Luther continue to shape him and they've had a significant influence on his life.

“In every interaction, I recognize the value in Carl Roger's unconditional positive regard and how it will forever be in my toolbox as a human being.”

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